.O.S. (Save Our Strands)

.O.S. (Save Our Strands)

S.O.S. (Save Our Strands)

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jul 12th 2017

’Tis the season for beach days, pool parties and water parks. Translation: sun, sand and chlorine. After moisturizing all winter, it’s time to switch to products that protect, detox and repair our hair from the harsh delights of summer fun. We asked one of our own at John Paul Mitchell Systems® headquarters—a former competitive synchronized swimmer—for tips on how to save our strands while beating the heat. A graphic designer by day and an Aqualily by night, Renée Carmichael knows how to keep her hair blonde and bright.

At a salon: If your hair is fine, fragile or chemically processed, ask for a professional Awapuhi Wild Ginger® KeraTriplex® Treatment

This two-step repair treatment reduces breakage by 80%* and transforms brittle strands into pillars of strength. Step one involves a single-shot vial of isolated proteins (virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair) and step two requires Keratin Intensive Treatment® to hydrate and add healthy, silky shine.

*Compared to untreated hair, results may vary.

If your hair is thick, dry or unruly, request the Awapuhi Wild Ginger® HydraTriplex™ Treatment

This quick treatment is proven to make dry, frizzy hair 82%** softer and more manageable. It contains a rich, concentrated blend of amino acids, vegetable proteins and nourishing oils that hydrate, bind and seal every cuticle to revive parched strands.

**Compared to untreated hair. Product was tested by an established, independent third-party laboratory.

At home:

1. Wet your hair before plunging into the pool—if it’s already saturated, it will be less likely to soak up chlorine. Extra points for applying conditioner on your midsections and ends!

2. Avoid wearing a hair tie near your scalp in the water (i.e., ponytails and top knots)—it will tangle and make your strands susceptible to breakage. If you must, wear one on your ends (i.e., at the bottom of a braid), otherwise, ditch it!

3. As soon as you’re done swimming, shampoo and condition you hair. Then apply a leave-in conditioner (like Forever Blonde® Dramatic Repair® ) and detangle your locks with a wide-tooth comb, starting from the bottom up. Finally, gently pat your hair with a towel. Remember that tresses are most fragile when they’re wet!

4. If you can, skip the dryer. Let your hair air-dry, then refine it with a styling iron. This will cut your heat time in half.

5. Care for your hair before and after any damage is done. Shampoo Three® is a great deep cleanser to keep color from turning green. Use it every other week to remove chlorine, iron and minerals. If you have blonde, gray or white hair, shampoo with Platinum Blonde Shampoo™ once a week. Its purple hydrating formula will brighten color, banish brassiness and add shine. Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Keratin Intensive Treatment® is an amazing miracle-working mask. Use it once a week to infuse rich moisture.

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Marula How-To: Sleek Summer Strands

Marula How-To: Sleek Summer Strands

Hot nights call for cool looks. For a modern take on straight, long styles, start with clean hair that has been blown dry, then use a smoothing iron for added polish and shine.

STEP 1: Prep hair with Rare Oil Dry Mist Spray .

STEP 2: Move the Neuro® Smooth through diagonal sections of hair to create a more natural fall.

STEP 3: Once smooth, take a section of hair at your temple area, comb it flat and smooth, and wrap it around to the opposite side of your neck.

STEP 4: Take a small section of hair from your nape area and use an elastic band to combine with the opposing temple section to secure hair flat to your head.

STEP 5: Repeat on the other side of your head and take a section at your temple. Comb the section flat while directing the section to the opposite side of your neck.

Once smooth, secure the section with an elastic, taking a small piece of hair from your nape to feed in to secure the section down flat.

STEP 6: Finish with Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray .

Conditioned hair is important for any sleek look. Treat yourself to a luxurious MarulaOil treatment at asalon near you!

Re-Create Sarah Hyland’s Emmy Awards Hair

Re-Create Sarah Hyland’s Emmy Awards Hair

Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman channeled old Hollywood glamour when creating the sophisticated waves “Modern Family” actress Sarah Hyland wore to balance her bold look for the 69 th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. And John Paul Mitchell Systems® was the products of his choice!


Ryan’s must-haves for styling Sarah:

  • Before blow-drying, set hair with a deep side part and apply Sugar Cream styling cream to damp hair for a sleek, controlled style.
  • Using a large boar bristle round brush, dry 1-inch sections of hair with the Express Ion Dry®+ .
  • On the heavy side of the part, curl hair towards the face in a uniform direction, wrapping hair around the barrel of Express Gold® Curl Marcel Iron to create loose, glam waves.
  • Brush hair out with the Classic Dressing Brush .
  • Finish the look and lock it in place with the flexible hold of Sugar Confection hairspray.



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